Organization Description: 

The organisation welcomes lonely elderly people living in the middle of Paris and live together with other people in the same situation (single or couple) having fun together, sharing with each other, eating together in the home or restaurant, singing, playing, excercising, having excursions, visiting museum etc...

35 Rue de Ponthieux
Paris, 75008
Mission Statement: 

Creating a home for elderly people in the middle of a big city, Paris by offering them spiritual, intellectual and physical stimulance so that they may get a worthy Life by the end of their lives in the hope that those who don´t know Jesus may get to Him. The residents can be non christian but the workers must be christian, born again ei. Believe in Jesus as His personal Saviour

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Christian organization without denomination.
Salvation by believing Jesus as a personal Saviour.
Jesus is the only way to God

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