Deep Springs International, Inc.

Organization Description: 

DSI?s key innovation is the integration of sustainable solutions to the problems of lack of safe water, unemployment, lack of job-relevant education, and spiritual poverty. Our approach is to facilitate the creation of incubators for youth water treatment businesses by establishing partnerships between schools, microfinance institutions (MFIs), and public health NGOs. We will supply educational institutions and community groups with a dynamic training program that encompasses entrepreneurship and water treatment technologies and is tailored to the needs of local communities. DSI?s program includes full curriculum, classroom materials, lab supplies, and financial support in the first two years for the organizations and participants in the program. DSI will carry out its pilot project in Les Cayes, Haiti with the goal of expanding to other regions of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and other developing countries.

Organizational Email:
GCC #1023
Grove City, PA 16127
Mission Statement: 

DSI exists because social justice and health are absent in the lives of billions of people around the world. Our values compel us to transform the financial, social, and spiritual condition of poor individuals and communities. Only if the aforementioned barriers to well-being are lifted ? if communities have access to safe water, youth have jobs, students have relevant education, individuals know their identity in Christ ? only then will the poor escape the poverty trap and attain total well-being.

The resources necessary for providing release from these problems exist. Schools, microfinance institutions (MFIs), public health NGOs, and churches all address the problem of poverty. What is lacking in the current environment is the alignment of these resources. DSI was founded on the conviction that by forging partnerships between schools, NGOs, and MFIs, we will catalyze alliances that will accomplish what the individual efforts of each cannot.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

DSI is a Christian organization. Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of His redeemed. It is through His death and resurrection that we are saved and presented as clean before God.

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