Deer Ridge Ministries

Organization Description: 

Deer Ridge Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization. provides 5-day sabbath rest retreats for full-time pastors. These retreats are held from Sunday eveneing through Friday morning. We operate retreats on a lovely 11-acre estate, providing our guests with a beautiful private suite, linens, all meals during their stay, inspirational reading library, recreation facilities and many spaces sutable for inspiration and meditation.

Deer Ridge Ministries hosts 26 retreats each year, hosting 100 pastors. 90% of our guests bring their spouse with them. We do not allow for children.

We welcome our guests free of charge and are funded mostly by private contributions. Potential guests fill out a registration request on our web site.

We are an independent evangelical interdenominational ministry.

Organizational Email:
401 Meadows St
Polo, IL 61064
Mission Statement: 

Committed to providing the gift of Sabbath rest retreats for pastors, encouraging God's servants to seek God's direction in their continued efforts to follow the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Statement of Faith
We believe the Bible to be uniquely God-inspired, the only authoritative Word of God, and the only practical guide for daily living. As the Bible teaches, there is one God eternally existing as three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - each possessing all the attributes of Deity.

God the Father is Creator of heaven and earth and all people are created in His image. The Bible teaches that God loves everyone. He invites them to live in communion with Himself and in community with each other. Apart from Jesus Christ, all people are spiritually lost and face the judgment of God because of their sins. However, God gives salvation and eternal life to anyone who trusts and has faith in Jesus Christ and in His sacrifice on our behalf. Salvation can not be earned through personal goodness or human effort. Salvation is a gift that must be received by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross.

Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Trinity, was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless human life, willingly took all of our sins upon Himself, was crucified and died on a cross and rose again in victory over sin and death. He is at the right hand of God the Father as our advocate and mediator. Some day Jesus will return to complete history and to fulfill the eternal plan of God.

The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, convicts the world of sin and draws people to Christ. He dwells in all believers and is available to empower us to lead Christ-like lives. The Holy Spirit also gives us spiritual gifts with which to serve the church and reach out to a lost and needy world.

All believers are members of the Body of Christ, the one true Church. Spiritual unity is to be expressed among Christians by acceptance and love of one another. Death confirms the eternal destiny of each person. At the final judgment, unbelievers will be separated from God into condemnation, while believers will be received into God's loving presence and rewarded for their faithfulness to Him in this life.

These statements reflect a summary of our belief in the central principles of the Bible, which are also presented in the historic creeds of the Christian Church.

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