Deesworld Touch Humanity

Organization Description: 

DTH Objectives
< To develop international volunteers to actively work
in less-developed locations.
< To promote the community's ideas and efforts to
utilize locally available resources.
< To offer a life-time opportunity for young people to
become agents for positive change.
< To create sustainable community projects through
voluntary service in specific areas.
< To mobilize resources for any project that is of great
beneficial to the community.
< To offer pre, post, degree, and high school students
with gap year opportunities.
< To provide people with career breaks or holidays
vacations opportunities abroad.
< To work with voluntary, travel and orphans sponsorship
organizations worldwide.
< To promote cultural integration, building of
friendship and international understanding.
< To develop and participate in programms that
strengthens global volunteer's movement.

Nairobi, 254
Mission Statement: 

DTH aim to works to alleviate human suffering socially,
psychologically and economically through provision of
life-support mechanism by promoting volunteering as a
powerful force for change, both for those who volunteer and
for the wider community.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To develop programms,recruit participants, mobilize
materials to stimulate local people in their struggle to
overcome challenges to attain un-met needs.

Are more than one-third of the participants in your organization/programs low income (below 150% of the poverty level)?: 
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