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Desert Oasis Hospice is always looking for committed volunteers to become a part of our Hospice Team. Volunteering with our program can be a truly rewarding experience. One that is appreciated by so many. If you are searching for something meaningful to do with a few hours a week, we are eager to speak with you about volunteering with our hospice. This is work that really satisfies your heart and soul.
Our training program will prepare you to work with our patients, their families, and their caregivers. Our on-going program of support and education allows you to expand, grow and reap the rich benefits of your commitment. To learn more, please call 602-424-4204 or email us at

20815 N. 25th Pl
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Mission Statement: 

Desert Oasis Hospice LLC


Desert Oasis will provide excellent palliative care to individuals and their families with life limiting illness that have chosen to seek comfort care and symptom management.

Desert Oasis Hospice will treat holistically including physical, psychosocial and spiritual comfort while caring for an individual and their families.

Desert Oasis Hospice recognizes dying as a normal process of living. We focus on helping to provide the best quality of care to ensure that the end of life is as comfortable as possible.

Desert Oasis Hospice will neither hasten nor postpone death.

Desert Oasis Hospice will support individuals and their families through the process of death and bereavement.

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