Destination Christian Church

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Who We Are
A letter written to a group of Christians in a city called Galatia roughly 15 years after Jesus was crucified says: But now you have arrived at your destination: By faith in Christ you are in direct relationship with God. Your baptism in Christ was not just washing you up for a fresh start. It also involved dressing you in an adult faith wardrobe?Christ's life, the fulfillment of God's original promise. Galatians 3:25-27 (The Message)

The place to which one is going or directed.
The ultimate purpose for which something is created or intended.
Archaic An act of appointing or setting aside for a specific purpose.

Destination Christian Church exists to Connect with God, Love Everyone and Serve our World. That we love God with all of our passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence and that we love our neighbors as well as we do ourselves. (From Luke 10:27)

Connect: Worship. Prayer. Preaching.
We believe that as we draw near to God He will draw near to us. Our time together at Destination Christian Church is designed to connect people with God through passionate worship, powerful prayer and Christ centered preaching. We believe that one encounter with God can and will transform your life.
Love: Children. Families. Futures.
We are serious when it comes to community at Destination Christian Church Church. The primary means of cultivating a community that loves people is through our Small Groups. Strong families, healthy marriages and children who love Jesus are built in Small Groups.
Serve: Time. Talents. Treasure.
We believe what you value you will serve and what you serve you become sensitive to. When you encounter God and begin to love people, our natural response will be to serve both inside and outside of Destination Christian Church. We will lead the way in serving our world by giving our time, talents and treasure to see the church built and our city transformed.
We worship hard and pray hard ? we think Jesus is central to everything
We preach grace not guilt ? otherwise people don?t really change
We embrace the Word and the Spirit ? the Bible is about a person who speaks and acts
We serve the needs of the city and share about Jesus
We think people are awesome
We innovate where it matters and imitate ? where it matters
We value the organic and the organized
We expect quality ? but realize that everyone makes mistakes
We intentionally make space for new leaders
We build strong teams and turn them loose
We love starting and growing churches

921 130th ST SW
Everett, WA 98204
Mission Statement: 

Destination Christian Church is a casual and contemporary Christian church. You are invited to check us out at your own pace. We are a very new church so we are building members one by one. We meet in homes, schools and just about any place we can manage while we add to our numbers. We believe it is not location we have church but WHY we have church that is important.

Sign up for our social network (use the "Insiders" link on the top right menu selection) and look around, find new friends and keep informed. As we grow in numbers we will meet together for fellowship, Bible study, prayer and worship. Once we have enough people and a worship team (band) we will be able to have our services in a more perminant location (office building, strip mall, school or whatever God has planned for us).

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