Destiny Church

Organization Description: 

We are a vibrant, relevant, missional church in the heart of Edinburgh who are passionate about Jesus and want to see as many people as possible touched by the life changing truth of the Gospel.

Destiny Church Edinburgh belongs to a wider network of churches, Destiny ministries, and as well as being involved in our local community we passionately reach out to our world through other international aid agencies and our churches across the globe.

0131 555 2707
Organizational Email:
12 Casselbank Street
Edinburgh, EH6 5HA
Mission Statement: 

To be a contemporary and significant church that sees the lost won and the won winning throughout Edinburgh, the east coast and beyond. We plan to accomplish this throughÂ?

1 Outreach

Our vision is to communicate in relevant ways the life-changing message of Jesus in the city of Edinburgh.

Although the Bible was written thousands of years ago it is still significant for people today. The Bible is full of both spiritual and practical truths that touch on everyday life. The Bible clearly points to our need for a real relationship with God.

2 Discipleship

Our vision is to see people growing stronger in their faith and enjoying the life that God has for them to the full. We do this by looking at and applying the truths in the Bible.

Jesus saidÂ? Â?I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.Â? (John 10:10)

Here are some of ways we disciple people:
In our main Sunday meetings we aim to teach the principles of the Bible in an inspiring and practical way so that people can apply the truths to their everyday lives.

According to the Pattern Course Â? 10 studies from the Bible which help give people a greater understand of the Bible, the Christian life, the Kingdom of God and the Church and itÂ?s mission.

Leadership training events - Every month we run leadership training events in Edinburgh to help train and equip our leaders. Often these events are opened up for other Church leaders across the City.

3 Practical help

Our vision is to see a significant Church emerge in Edinburgh that will have a positive Christian influence in society; tackle real life issues and practically meets the needs of people.

Jesus saidÂ? Â?You are the salt of the earthÂ? You are the light of the world.Â? (Matthew 5:13-14)

Salt flavours Â?we want to bring the flavour of GodÂ?s love to others.

Salt preserves Â?we want to have a preserving effect in society.

Salt heals Â?we believe that God is able to miraculously heal people both physically and inwardly.

Light disperses darkness Â?the Christian message is a message of hope and joy that can disperse hopelessness and depression.

The Church is not just interested in getting people to heaven, we also want people to experience some of heaven on earth.

4 Friendship

Our vision is to have a Church that welcomes people of different ages, backgrounds, social classes and cultures.

We believe that the Christian message is relevant for everyone. Jesus placed great importance not only on our relationship with God but also on our relationships with each other.

As a Church we help facilitate friendships by our network of home groups which we call Â?cellsÂ?. Our cell groups are informal gatherings in peopleÂ?s homes around the city.

5 Intimacy with God

Our vision is to promote intimacy with God through worship and prayer. We desire to glorify God and make Him famous in Edinburgh. In our meetings we have an inspiring time of heartfelt worship to God. We also host regular prayer meetings through the week.

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