Organization Description: 

Destiny Garden School was founded by Jacob Boaz Muoga and provides education for 200 needy and orphaned children from the ages of 2½ to13 years in Mtongwe, Likoni Division, one of the poorest suburbs of Mombasa on Kenya's coast. The school has seven classes in seven rented classrooms: Baby Class, Kindergarden1 - 3 and Classes 1-3

With the help of German volunteers, the school bought a plot of land 122 by 22 metres but, at the moment, the classrooms are rented in a building nearby. Trees have been planted on this land and it is used for growing crops to help feed the children. There is a nearby borehole and water is pulled up from this on a 60 metre rope for irrigation.

Teaching the children
The children are taught in classes of less than 30 pupils by 8 fully qualified teachers. As many of the children have not had education previously, they are streamed according to their needs and so each class can have a wide range of ages. The school aims for pupils to attain the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

The children
Over 50% of the children are orphans and many are HIV positive. Many of the families are very poor as there is little work in the area. The school will not refuse any child because of poverty but it covers the additional costs of the child out of the school funds. Every day the children are given a cooked lunch which is prepared at the school. Often this is the only proper meal they receive that day.

Not only does providing these children with education improve their future but it also keeps them off the streets where they could become involved in gang culture, drugs and prostitution.

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Mission Statement: 

Why should you volunteer at Destiny Garden School?

Cost: Volunteering direct with Destiny Garden School cuts out the often large administration fees charged by volunteering organizations, whose overheads are high.

The School: The school is directed and managed by Jacob, who is a qualified experienced businessman He has worked in education and has successfully set up a similar charity school. He has the welfare and education of the children uppermost and his vision is ‘to get the children out of their poverty trap through education.’

Stay as long as you want: Jacob and his family will host volunteers who can stay from one week to six months.

Security: Volunteers at Destiny Garden School are looked after by Jacob and his family in a family atmosphere to ensure their stay is comfortable and safe, and to make sure they have a rewarding experience.

Improve lives: As a volunteer, you will see the difference you are helping to make to improve the lives of needy children. By working at Destiny Garden School, you will learn about a culture very different to your own and gain an insight into lives of children being educated in Kenya.

See Kenya: Working in Mombasa will give you the opportunity to experience Kenya, one of the most scenic countries in Africa – and can take weekend breaks to visit for example one of the spectacular Game Reserves or relax on one of the many beaches.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Providing all the children with a good standard of education

* Bringing out the full potential of each and every child

* Ensuring all children receive a good meal during the school day

* Offering educational programmes on HIV/AIDS and also care for those already infected by HIV/AIDS

* Offering training and counselling to the orphaned children

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