Develop Nation Youth Network Tanzania

Organization Description: 

Develop Nation Youth Network Tanzania is Non-profit, Non-political and Non-religious Organization in nature and its main focus is on youth development. Objectives and goals of this organization will be achieved through different programs which will be conducted internal or external. These programs will be in terms of exchanging ideas, knowledge and experience between youth. The Organization shall operate within the United Republic of Tanzania, that is, the Mainland and Zanzibar Islands

Dodoma, TN 691
Mission Statement: 

To build the capacity of youth, including female youth to play meaningful roles in the sustainable development of their communities with special attention to the protection and enhancement of basic health and the environment.


To promote linkages and networks among and between the youth of Tanzania and from partner countries in order to collectively address key development challenges within the sector of health and the environment.

Environment conservation.

To promote informed and engaged global citizenship in Tanzania and the partner and countries

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