Development Education and Advocacy Resources for Africa Initiative

Organization Description: 

Dear Africa is a non-profit, public-spirited organization dedicated to increasing the understanding of how African societies develop with focus on how individuals, organizations, markets and institutions work for a harmonious more tolerant and just society. Vision: We envision a people – centered African Community enabled for sustainable development.

Goal To enable African communities facilitate people-centered development processes for enhanced peace, healthy living and sustainable environmental practices through self-propelled strategies. Organizational Objectives 1. Facilitate a participatory learning organization as platform for sharing information on AfricaÂ’s development 2. Stimulate emergence of empowered African communities by promoting equity, access to justice and enhanced economy and literacy as strategies for attaining good governance in Africa 3. Serve as a training, research and documentation center on African development issues such as food security, economy, education, health, environment, conflict prevention, emergency relief and peace 4. Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation of development projects.

4/8 Anyaegbunam Street Opposite MTN, Uwani
Enugu, 400242
Mission Statement: 

We want to stimulate the emergence of healthy societies and environment by enabling Africans build partnerships for activating, sharing, learning and tracking development practices.

CAC/IT NO 44742
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