Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Organization Description: 

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is a faith-based internet marketing organization with Christian music promoters, affiliate marketers, and resources that advance singer-songwriters, record labels, and related businesses.

1. Our direct marketing services give artists the choice to do-it-yourself or higher our creative marketing services.

2. We provide artists with marketing support that creates interest to targeted fans who are interested in your style of music.

3. We assist indie record labels & artist representatives through a creative marketing strategy that promotes their clients online.

4. Develop relationships with fans, sell directly to & monetize those relationships, then use relationships to expand the fan base.

5. Advertising through our multimedia platforms and partners that work together to promote clients.

5210 Griggs Rd. #321281
Houston, TX 77021
Mission Statement: 

1. We want to help win souls foremost and not to distract you from doing the same!

2. We "do not store up for ourselves treasures on earth ... " Matt 6:19

3. We do all this for the sake of the gospel, that we may share in its blessings. 1 Corin 9:23

4. We want to provide hope and the opportunity with services you need to fulfill part of your goals.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Devine Jamz Gospel Network was created to help fulfill God's purpose, telling all the nations of the world about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Providing Free Advertising For Christian Ministries is our method of doing his will in a effort to network and expose other great ministries and individuals. For more information about our ministry, please go to:

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