Dianna Lawyer-Brook

Organization Description: 

Colorado Circles of Support & Accountability supports and encourages local development of high quality volunteer Circles through recruitment and training. As shown by research, COSAs substantially reduce recidivism by assisting high risk sex offenders to successfully reintegrate into the community thus making communities safer. Our website is at www.coloradocosa.org

1265 Mallard Ct.
Boulder, CO PO Box 4740
Mission Statement: 

Colorado Circles of Support & Accountability believe that with the use of circles, high risk parolees guilty of a sex offense can turn their life around and not reoffend. Our program has been shown to stop new crimes (no more victims) and produce successful community members (no one is disposable).

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We have volunteers from all denominations. We are joined together by our faith and our belief in redemption. We make a difference in people's lives and the community because we know that people can turn their lives around.

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