Disaster Volunteers of Ghana

Organization Description: 


Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (DIVOG) is a not for profit, non-partisan non-governmental organization working to assist the vulnerable, marginalized and deprived in society through education and other integrated rural development programmes.

Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (DIVOG) in involved in various social development activities in several fields especially education, environment and empowerment of the rural poor and the discriminated / disadvantaged.

DIVOG is a Registered Organization based in the Ho district of the Volta region of Ghana. The Organization was founded by a young Ghanaian (Richard Kwashie Yinkah) in 1997 and thereafter registered as a youth charity non-profit Voluntary Organization in Ghana under the companies code 1963, from the Registrar General Department of Ghana with Registration number G9, 476.

The group is developed to assist rural and urban dwellers in times of natural or man-made disasters, education, health, environment, empowerment of women and promoting cultural diversity program.

The group works with all ages of gender and all ethnic groups in Ghana especially at the rural level. The group runs it's objectives with the kind contribution from its members, concern philanthropists, individual Volunteers among others.

DIVOG, in achievement of our project, we are committed to:

1. The provision of quality voluntary services.

2. Ensuring the welfare and motivation of our volunteers.

3. Recruiting and retaining the best human resources in carrying out our efficient and effective voluntary work.


· To promote the development of Ghana's youths

· Provide support to the rural folks in terms of education and environment

· Provide primary health care to the venerable and disadvantage in our communities.

· Raise funds for a children's trust fund.

· Support education.

· Empower women through micro enterprise

· Promote volunteerism and involve volunteers in programs that enable rural communities help themselves.

· Promote cultural diversity programs.

It is open to all interested volunteers irrespective of gender, age, religion, and nationality.


DIVOG is mandated to operate in all the ten (10) regions of the country for its work. But for the first five years DIVOG is carrying out it projects in the 15 districts of the Volta region of Ghana


That Ghana should become a country in which the youth are groom with the spirit of volunteerism and are prepare to initiate programme that would improve the standard of living of the people in our communities and also taking their destiny into their own hand without fear and /or any obstacle from any sector of the society.

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Ho Housing Estate Box H814 Ho Volta Region Ghana
Volta Region, 233
Mission Statement: 

The organization shall provide youth with the motivation and encouragement needed to support them to decide freely and responsibly in initiating project in their communities through volunteerism.

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