Disciples of the Christ

Organization Description: 

Disciples of The Christ is a feature film that engages the senses and emotions of the Disciples. Our primary aim in producing Disciples of The Christ film is to massively increase public awareness about the Disciples, their journey, their experiences and how they dealt with the emotions of being an example throughout their lives so that we can see how their lives where a reflection in our lives and help us to deal with the situations now.

2618 san Miguel dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Mission Statement: 

This is a story about the twelve disciples and one other man named Paul who courageously went to ends of the earth, bringing the teachings of Jesus Christ and His miracles.?

The story begins in Jerusalem. The year is 35 A.D. It has been six years since the crucifixion of their master Jesus of Nazareth. During the six years after death, the disciples, assigned to teach in certain areas of the world, went out preaching and telling the story of what happened in Galilee, Israel.

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