Divine Mustard Seed Association(DIMUSA)

Organization Description: 

The main objective is to enhance opportunities for young people to realize their full potential and purpose. More specifically, DIMUSA seeks to: social welfare; Train and build leadership spirit in children and youths thereby ensuring better leaders of tomorrow; Cultivate in the young generation the realization of the importance believe in ones potential and purpose; Promote formal and non-formal education for children and youths; Support livelihood opportunities for parents so that they can increase access of basic quality needs for children; Support and promote self-employment; Provide assistance to the needy children/women irrespective of tribe, origin, sex or religion in the domain of social welfare.

BP 20646
Yaounde, 00000
Mission Statement: 

DIMUSAs mission is to promote self-discovery, education, health, restoring hope to the hopeless by building and rekindling lost visions and dreams in youths and adults, and building relationships for children, their families and the communities in which they live.

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