Don Bosco Technical Institute Henderson

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Wherever we are, young people deserve the right to an education and other services that provide opportunities for them for a good future. The Don Bosco Technical Institute is part of the Don Bosco Network which is a worldwide federation of Salesian NGOs. The work was started in 1859 by a young priest named John Bosco. His calling is affecting even now children in the Solomon Islands.

Especially young people that droped out of the school system benefit here from our work. The education sector here faces many challenges. Not all children have access to all levels of education, especially early childhood and secondary school education. To reach a secondary school an exam has to be past, there are not enough secondary school in the country (50). In addition the development of schools is very costly due the remote locations. On top of that, there are not many trained educators. The result is, that almost 30% of all primary school leavers are not literated, students that have visited a secondary school face similar problems. Depending on the exams students have limited choices in which of the 50 secondary school they can study in. The quality of the school varies significantly.

Only 55 000 jobs are open for Solomon Islanders, the fast majority is unemployed. Only 20 percent of the 15 24 years old Solomon Islanders are employed, seven out of every ten Solomon Islanders is under 29 years young. Many school leavers do not find a job, even so the industries outlined recently that 50% more jobs could be created with a better educational system supporting the youth and industries. The total employment rate is estimated to be between 70% and 80% percent. Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) produced a country that is said to be the second most depending country on foreign aid money. Beside that the people of the Solomon Islands depend heavily on agriculture, forestry and tourism. For example, in 2013 only the Travel & Tourism industry supported directly 8 500 jobs, indirectly even more with only 24 000 tourists arriving. To open new perspectives for the youth, Don Bosco has opened its doors during a time their support was most needed. In 2002 (in officially in 2000) when the ethnic tensions mate the youth suffer most, the Salesians opened the doors of the Don Bosco Technical Institute Henderson. The Institute is a Catholic Organization which is open to girls and boys who are technically inclined and are ready to commit themselves to change. The Organization strives to empower and enhance the lives of the young through dedication, commitment, hard work and sacrifice.

Don Boscos educational concepts is based on reason, religion and kindness. All these three areas are interrelated and part of the preventive system of education. Our educational processes involves: training, instruction and learning by example and experience, teaching and learning principles, training and encouragement in problem solving; conversation and social skill training through sodalities, clubs and assistance. We are focusing on training a generation that is able to fulfill the expectations of the industries. On the other hand, we focus on forming a youth who can be responsible based on the Bosconian ideals of reasonableness, charity, and kindness. We are helping young men and women to shape the personality and individuality based on their strength and interests. To summarize it a quote of Don Bosco says more than a 1000 words: Education is the great art of forming human beings. To achieve this we involve the students in decision making and in clubs as well programs outside of the regular school schedule. All these activities are centered around our three year courses, which include one practical year: Automotive Technology Life Skill Training (Tourism, Hospitality, Clothing & Textiles) Carpentry Technology Computer Technology Electrical Technology Machine Fitting and Maintenance (MFM) Training

All our students have the chance to learn basic computer skills, math, sports, english/communication skills and religious as well as valued education. Regular activities take place on the weekends such as voluntary work in communities where our students can use their skills, educational and spiritual weekends or activities that involve the parents as well. For whom that is not enough yet we offer the following clubs: Theater, Karate, football, music and singing. On top of this we open our doors for the youth that doesnt have the chance to study in one of our three year courses. The program varies on the skills we have to offer at the time and interest.

Kukum Hwy
Honiara, R341
Solomon Islands
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Mission: To journey with the young with dedication, commitment and collaboration To grow and work as a pastoral community To evangelize through education and educate through evangelization To promote and develop technical skills and attitudes towards the industry To form ourselves as gifts for others

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