Dream Africa Volunteer Service

Organization Description: 

DAVS is an organization dedicated to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children and women in rural communities. The organization aims to find volunteer placements and provide support for individual or group volunteers in our country.

Our work promotes international co-operation, friendship, cultural exchange and breaks new grounds for sustainable socio-economic development through voluntary work placements. We believe that volunteering should be a two way benefit where the volunteer placement should interest you and be suitable for your placement needs to gain practical work experience, enhance your résumé, networking with overland adventures while you are able to assist your ?Host?.

DAVS vision is based on the believe that every Ghanaian is entitled to safety, good health, and nurturing environment that will lead to uplifting of the community. In order to achieve this, our value is integrity, compassion and efficiency.

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P.O.Box HP 181
Ho Volta Region, 233
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