Dr.R LamserDurai.Community Development

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Community Development

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No. 94 Christian Street Nasiynoor Post
Erode.638107 . Tamilnadu India, No. 94 Christian
Mission Statement: 

doing Tribes Gospel Spiritual Ministry 2700 feet from sea level,Hills area. Thick and remote part of the forest Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu,South India.

My spiritual Ministry main and important Tribes area. The Tribes Villages almost one thousand five hundred above. The tribespeople are nine kinds of Hindu community. They all belong to theweaker and Vulnerable section of that society and are financially verypoor. The Christian Ministries are visit one or three times this partfrom the long before. Now a days not visit here that ministries.

Permanently There I have doing tribes spiritual ministry. I am visitingthat poor tribes area house visit and Sunday classes, Bible studies andPrayer tracks issue and audio and video Christian ministry service. Wehave very struggled to convert that tribes people
Gala6:10. I have selected this tribes villages Christian ministry. Becausethey are give up from the society and they are innocent people. AlsoChrist die for them.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

arrangesponsorship Bible, video audio cassette, free gifts, clothes, and alsosend to our ministry. Please pray for us and tribes ministry andneeds.

If you support our tribes ministry. We will continue tospread the word of God and convert them. your support to encourage ourministry and missionary service

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