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Weve all known teachers who pay out of their own pockets for things to help their students things for the classroom, books, posters, etc. What you may not realize is that they pay for much more out of their own pockets. If parents cannot afford to pay for a field trip for a child, teachers will often put in the money themselves rather than leave that child behind. If a family is struggling, teachers will reach into their own pockets to pay for something like a special class project or an activity fee rather than putting a child through the embarrassment of being left out. At the same time, there are many generous people who would gladly help a child if they only knew about the need! That's where e-Angels come in. We identify needs which may be keeping children from fully participating in their education and reach out to those who want to help.

P O Box 542
Roseland, FL 32957
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Helping children fully participate in a rich educational experience regardless of socio-economic status.

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