Eco Caminhos

Organization Description: 

Eco Caminhos is a self-sustaining Eco Farm near Nova Friburgo in Brazil. We receive people from across the globe to: work in and learn about bioconstruction, organic farming and agroforestry. We invite people from Brazil and across the globe the share this experience/knowledge. The idea is that people spread the sustainanle ways of living to their communities. We also organize a number of exciting activities including: hikes, horseback riding, camping weekends. Volunteers can also learn Portuguese.

Estrada Ernesto de Souza Cardinot
Nova Friburgo, 28630994
Mission Statement: 

Eco Caminhos wants to become a role model in Brazil and beyond when it comes to social development and sustainable farming, building and living. Our goal is to live in harmony with nature and produce our own food and energy, while the land grows in richness, productivity, and aesthetic beauty. We treat our own waste, generate our own energy and train underprivileged youth. We welcome tourists to experience this lifestyle, offering a wide variety of eco sports and workshops. In the near future our guests will be accommodated in Eco Lodges and offered locally cultivated organic food.

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