Eco Village Farm

Organization Description: 

Eco Village services are designed to help restore and protect the Earth's ecological systems, which have suffered almost irreparable damage during the past 50 years as a result of unsustainable lifestyles sucha s high rates of consumption, urban sprawl and waste. Teh air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the land we live on all have been grossly polluted, Richmond being a prime example. Sometimes problems seem so big they are overwhelming; it's hard to see how you can change things. The Eco Village Farm Center's programs give children and young adults a chance to change things at a micro-level...their level. We can work individually to effect change in our own lives, work together to change our community, and eventuallybring about global change.

Organizational Email:
21 laurel ave
Richmond, CA 94803
Mission Statement: 

EcoVillage Farm Learning Center was founded with the purpose (mission) of Creating a healthy sustainable environment, socially and economically just society for present and future generations by establishing a place where urban residents of all cultural backgrounds feel welcome and will come to learn how to restore and protect Mother Earth and her people through participatory mind/hands on activities.

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