Eden Reforestation Projects

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In a nutshell, we are working toward alleviating extreme poverty through environmental stewardship! We are planting trees & saving lives :)
We are doing this by planting one tree for every 10 cents. That 10 cents goes toward not only planting trees, but also compassion projects and employment of the local people in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti and a few other countries. This is having an enormous impact on their lands which is pulling them out of their extreme poverty!

1. Compassion
We care deeply for the people where we are serving.

2. Unity
We will work with just about anyone who shares our love of healing lands and lives.

3. Results
We use sound science, treat the entire issue at the front line, and experience high levels of productivity.

4. Relationships
We connect with others and learn.

5. Stewardship
We maximize the use of land, time, money, and people while valuing and respecting the intrinsic worth of each.

6. Integrity
Our word and actions will match.

7. Service
We work on the environmental causes not just the symptoms of poverty.

8. Enjoyment
We take great pleasure in healing lands and healing lives!

777 E. Alosta Ave.
Azusa, CA 93109
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