Organization Description: 

If volunteer is from other countries some will live with us, teachers and other families according to you too.
I like to have volunteer to have different materials from others schools and change experience.
Our school have Nursery and primary school, but we still have baby class, intermadiate, pre primary and standard one.
So we would like to have teachers and people who know to run school.
School will start lesson start 8:00am till 2:30 pm
For now we have 14 pupils but we hope to have more next year.
We would like to receive christian volunteer only

P.O.BOX 6153
Arusha, 6153
Mission Statement: 

Great Vision English Medium school, Is the the school which located in Arusha, started 25 January,2010. with 14 pupils.
Is not big school but need your corporation to rise this school.
We will have volunteers opportunity on January next year.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We as christian we would like to receive all christian as a volunteer

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