EF Educational Homestay Programs

Organization Description: 

EF Educational Homestay Programs (EHP) is a non-profit division of EF Education First that has arranged escorted group travel for over 140,000 international students since 1979. Groups of 17 to 34 students from one country travel to selected cities in the U.S. to live with volunteer host families and learn about American culture first hand.

Most programs offer daily language and culture lessons that are combined with fun afternoon activities, as well as some optional weekend excursions. During evenings and weekends, your student will spend quality time with you and your family. This special time that you spend together will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of each other's culture.

See your world from a new perspective

As a host family with EHP, you will get to share your international student's daily discovery of the U.S. Hear the excitement in his voice when he tells you and your family about his afternoon activity, or see his eyes light up when he tastes his first barbequed hamburger, smells the ocean for the first time, or plays his first baseball game. During these adventures together, you will break down barriers of language, culture, and geography and develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Short-term commitment, long-term benefit

If you are able to provide a bed, three meals a day, transportation to and from the local course center (if applicable), and a stable caring environment, then you have what it takes to share your life with an eager student from abroad. With this experience you will cultivate long-lasting friendships and promote cross-cultural connections in your community.

We know our volunteer families' lives are busy. Hosting with EHP is the perfect balance, because our programs are only 2 to 4 weeks and our local staff does everything they can to make it easy as possible on the families. By hosting a student, you will be able to get an introduction to another culture, without having to make a long-term commitment.

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Mission Statement: 

EF's mission is to break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us.

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