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Bonjour ( hello) to you

the honnor is ours today to write this letter to you and we hope by god grace that we will get a good answer from you.

We are writing to you today to ask for your help in the church design domain , so that we may build by god grace a beautiful church .


ps: a story about the place and we hope that with your design help we will construct a beautiful church .

When the rumour creates ghosts in the mind of people

A young man made a research in the framework of his studies in communication concerning rumours. To make his work more relevant, he chose to study the story of a so-called haunted house at the boarders of the two cities of Villeneuve d'Ascq & Hem.

You can hear all sorts of comments upon this house:

"Nobody ever succeeded to destroy this house? all those who worked in this house had had accidents, or had been injured," "All the men who lived in this house hung themselves in the same room.", "It is the spirit of a 5 years old child who died inside of the house who possesses the place.", "Horrible murders would have happened in that house during the war"?

For 30 years, this building which is located in Hempempont, between the 2 highways to the city of Hem, has been nourishing ( the subject of ) all kinds of fantasies. Every time somebody talks about it, other people bring also there own stories about this house. A colleague, who is also a journalist said: "when I was little, somebody told me that they used to put planks at the windows because the windows would break on their own."

The fence is padlocked. Indeed, with its bricked up doors and walls and its high wire netting, we must say that the building looks strange; especially because it is hidden behind high & big trees. A notice at the front door of the fence already gives you a glance of what is behind: "private property, caution, danger".

Intrigued as many other people, Kevin Hude, the student in communication decided to take this house as the subject for his final study work at the university and also studied how is born a rumour. After a whole year of study and research, his conclusions are surprising.

Indeed, Kevin Hude managed to retrace the story of the building.

When the actual owners bought the house, it used to be frequently vandalised; so to protect themselves, they decided to barricade the doors and the windows. Thus, they stay in the house just for the night. Since they are farmers, they wake up very early in the morning to go and sell their potatoes on the markets. According to them, the rumour started after a conflict with a neighbour. Out of envy, some jealous residents in the street would have initiated these stories which expanded year after year.

The two sibling owners are really tired with all these stories. "They did not want to answer the student questions on the phone and want everybody to leave them alone; the woman even threatened to lodge a complaint" said Kevin.

What we know for sure is that, contrary to the rumour, the house did not constantly changed owners. One woman lived in that house before1972, and then a family with six children bought the place. Kevin Hude managed to have the testimony of the sister in law of the former owner. She told him that even in those days, people were saying that the house was haunted but she also added that even living in the house, she never noticed anything of this kind.

Kevin Hude made this study methodically. He made an inventory of all the blogs and forums that would talk about that house on the Internet. He contacted "his" witnesses and then the town planning department and consulted the archives of the city hall to compare all the stories. "A friend of mine told me about a website in which you can find recorded all the rumours and information concerning that house" said Kevin.

The young man did not receive a bad grade, 13.5/20, which allow him to initiate a new year at the university with confidence to complete his degree.

The so-called haunted house will become a church

One of the rumours concerning this house was that it was bought by the city of Villeneuve d'Ascq to be demolished. Once more, it is not true. In fact, it was bought by a church.

Isn't it amazing for a so- called haunted house.

The building of the New Covenant Evangelical Assembly ("Assembl�©e Evang�©lique Nouvelle Alliance" in French) located in the Recueil district was becoming too small because of the growing number of members. Pastor Emmanuel Kamondji who is the senior pastor of the church has known this house for years. He also knew about all these rumours going on upon this house. Yet, one day, he decided to call the owners of the building and has visited it at many occasions with several members of the church for more than one year.

And since they were about to retire and maybe also because they were tired with all these curious people approaching the house, the owners accepted to sell it to the church. Obviously, the house requires heavy building work and alteration to be done.

This building will become the new place of worship of the church but also will welcome young people of the surrounding for special activities during the holidays, school support, etc?

The place will also serve as conference and convention centre for societies and organisations.

Pastor Emmanuel Kamondji has the intention of getting involved in the neighbourhood carrying out actions in favour of the district. This is the best thing that could happen to put an end to all these rumours

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