Organization Description: 

In my vision I can wait sharing with you my vision and strategies for God’s kingdom. I am starting a ministry name is being proposed to be "EL SHADDAI MINISTRIES" (Reg No, 164/2007), This will be an indigenous, self- supporting ministry with the goal of making Christ known and his love and grace felt by those who are lost in sin, the victims of circumstance (wars and Aids) and those affected by the villages and other parts of world through the unity in diversity in the body of Christ world wide. The philosophy behind these ministries is to promote self-half projects to carry out Missions as we help ourselves, those around us and those who are helpless world hence the Ministry will address the need to reach the unreached, touch the untouched and bless the unblessed through the gospel of Christ and what we have in our lands. despite the fact of poverty in our nation, we have the potentials, naturally (geographically) physically (health and strength), mentally (knowledge and skills), spiritually (gift and anointing) and enough manpower (ministers and Christians) witch is lying redundant within India in specific which could only be sensitized, motivated and activated both morally and economically to bring about a positive change spiritually and economically in this nation. So El Shaddai ministries will do work to meet their victims, "Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. Psalms 41:1

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Mission Statement: 

Mission statement

To works for the cause and care of the disadvantaged POOR CHILDRENS (ORPHANS) and to improve their quality of life”

To works for the cause and care, helping to WIDOWS (who’s loss their husband) to improve their quality of life”

To works for the cause and care of the disadvantaged aged persons (OLD AGE PEOPLE) and to improve their quality of life”

And poor pastors encouraged to spiritually, physically, financially supporting for who s the full time gospel work those families encouraged them.

We have been received the Revelation of vision and mission from God towards ministries & Missions fields and wants to build the human as well as to build the kingdom of God for the glorious of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST For Ever.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

In the year of 2007 with great vision & mission and Revelation of Mission by our lord and saviors Jesus Christ, He has been Established a Missionary Organization by namely "EL SHADDAI MINISTRIES" for the Religious Activities and social activities as well as for the noble Ministries
Support orphans by educating them, providing for them scholastic materials, uniforms and setting for them self-support projects Education, health, medical, Gospel work etc to make them self-support, And helping widows to raise their own income to support themselves and the orphans setting for them small scale self self-help projects like sewing & knitting center for poor Christian community Girls,etc

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