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. Executive Summary: Elimu Digital Media Ltd (EDM) is a company that offers educational solutions through technology and media.EDM is mandated to move forward the concept of enabling education for all by developing Kenyan secondary school Based educational content, deliver the content through Elimu TV and other ICT Platforms, fund raising and establish partnerships with investors for the channel to be self sustaining and profitable. EDM Programs Include: Elimu TV: Thisis is a Commercial Free to Air TV Channel broadcasting Secondary school education based on the Kenyan Secondary school curriculum and short courses on skill based program that include Agriculture, business and technology among others. EDM produces Audio-visual educational content that is Aired on Elimu TV, Youtube and packaged in DVDs as well as SMS. Elimu on- line: EDM has been sensitizing teachers on the need of using ICT in teaching. As a result we intend to develop a web portal where any teacher interested in local digital educational content development can open a page and start posting. The portal will also be used to enhance Elimu TV viewer experiences as they can easily get additional information about the lessons they watch and also provide them with the opportunity to do assignments, exams and hold group discussions online.

Elimu ?Mobile 21126: This program also known as ?Elimu SMS Finger Tips? enables students to access revision tips on various subjects that they undertake though subscription to SMS Short code No 21126. The program was launched in June 2014.

Elimu Call Center: EDM is starting a call center where students can call for information on education matters. Elimu on line will have a data base for all schools in Kenya and parents can call to get vacancies for their children. The call center will also offer support for the TV as students can call the teachers of Elimu TV and ask their questions directly to the teachers. Elimu Laboratories: EDM is seeking partners that will enable establishment of community labs. This is a lab equipped with equipment and reagents for Physic, Biology and Chemistry experiments. The labs will be located at community level where students can walk in and do experiments at a small fee with support of science teachers and lab technicians. Elimu Educational Tours: Students learn better through educational tours. EDM will in the near future start taking students, parents and their guardians for local tours as well organize the same for schools and other Institutions. Educational Conferences: Alternative provision of Basic Education & and training (APBE&T) policies need to be implemented for the benefit of out of school youth and schools in marginalized communities. EDM will organize educational forums to address issues of access, transition and equity in education and progressively help smoothen the sub sector.

? Target Group The market target group for Elimu TV is out of school youth. These category include among others; house girls, matatu touts and drivers, young mothers who fall out of secondary school due to pregnancy and the hundreds of thousands of youth who fail to join secondary school from primary school due to low marks and lack of school fees. In the urban areas of Kenya such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru majority of these youth are found in the slums and low income areas. Elimu TV is also a useful revision tools for school attending children especially those in day schools as they can use the TV to revise and learn more during the evenings and weekends. Students in Boarding schools also use the Channel during the holidays as holiday tuition has been banned. Elimu TV also targets schools to use the platform as a complimentary tool to their teaching. This comes in handy especially if a school lucks a qualified teacher in a certain subject or laboratory to demonstrate experiments, they can tune in to Elimu TV and learn as a class. In a nutshell, Elimu TV target market is 75% of the population and as an educational channel, demand for its content will always be on a constant high. With regards to existing broadcasting services in the area, most available TV stations do not dedicate 70% of their Airtime to Education, thus Elimu TV is in the forefront and is constantly improving its mode and methods of delivery of Education though TV.

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Nairobi, 00100
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Enabling Education through media nad ICT

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We are committed to Christian faith and the Directors are born again.

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