Ellel Ministries Pierrepont

Organization Description: 

Ellel Ministry at Pierrepont puts on a number of Healing Retreats and training courses to pray for those in need, and to train local Churches. In addition, Ellel Pierrepont runs the NETS school, which is a residential training school, attracting students from all over the world. NETS students are equipped in the areas of healing, deliverance, discipleship and evangelism.

The Pierrepont Team is over 90 people strong, coming from all over the world to serve God within Ellel Ministries. The Young People's Team is for 18 to 30 year olds, and the Staff Team is for those over thirty years of age.

We have recently purchased, renovated and opened the Bridge at Pierrepont; a Hotel, trendy Coffee Bar and Restaurant, which is located just outside the gate of Pierrepont. The Bridge is a Kingdom Business, meaning that that you will have a call to practicing hospitality.

Please note that serving on the team at Ellel Pierrepont or at the Bridge involves living in community and therefore is not considered to be formal employment as such. We offer you on-site accommodation and all your food will be provided. You will also receive a small allowance per week, which you can use for personal items.You are responsible for your own flights to the UK, though we will collect you from the airport.

If you are accepted as a member of the Team at Pierrepont, you will work about forty hours during an average week. In order that we may respect taking a weekly Sabbath, you will also have two days off each week. We have a no-smoking and a no-alcohol policy at all our centres, so please bear this in mind when applying.

01144(0) 1252 794060
Organizational Email: 
Farnham, GU10 3DL
Mission Statement: 

Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational Christian mission organisation with a vision to resource and equip the Church by welcoming the people, teaching them about the Kingdom of God and healing those in need. (Luke 9:11)

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

God is a Trinity. God the Father loves all people. God the Son,Jesus Christ, is Saviour and Healer, Lord and King. God the Holy Spirit indwells Christians and imparts the dynamic power by which they are enabled to continue Christ's ministry. The Bible is the divinely inspired authority in matters of faith, doctrine and conduct, and the basis for teaching.

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