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The society is a Non-Government organization working for the welfare of the downtrodden communities and implementing several developmental activities since its inception. The organization was registered in the year 2003 under the Indian societys registration act XXI of 1860 and concentrating its activities presently in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh state. We have established administration office at Kantheru Village, Tadikonda, Mandal, Guntur Dist. for the extension of development activities. We have organized the following programs during the year 2009 2010.

Environment Awareness Camp : environment awarenessOur society understands the relation between human life and the environment. The influence of the environment is drastically changing and affecting the human life. We have organized an awareness camp at Kantheru, to educate the people and made then to understand the environment and their responsibilities in protecting it. We have motivated people to plant more saplings in and around the village. We are inspiring and following the people to preotect the plants. Our society is continuing its efforts sincerely with a slogan Protect the environment, it will protect you. We also organized a rally with the school children in Kantheru with the following slogans, like Intiki oka chettu pragathiki mettu etc.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Camp : hiv awareness During the year we have concentrated on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS through sensitization of the rural community in rural areas. We have visited all the villages and met with the people and assessed the knowledge levels. We have also integrated these activities with other programmes. We have also involved youth and students in the programme and conducted competitions on different issues related to HIV/AIDS

Consumer Awareness Camp : consumer awarenessWe have conducted one training programme for 47 women belong to self help groups at Namburu of Guntur District. We have trained them on different topics related to consumerism and adulteration. We have also trained them on to identify adulterations in different provisions. We have also distributed reading material also.

Dist. Of Books To Children : books distributionNation strength lies in its human resources, for this we need educated people, and then our nation can progress well. Education is key for development and for nation progress. Our society motivates ass to send their children to schools rather than taking then to fields for work. School going aged children becoming child labor because of the poverty. We understand the difficulties of such children and wanted to support them with note books and stationary, so that we hope such children will continue their education.

Dist. Of Blankets For Poor Peoples : blankets distributionWe have conducted a blankets distribution program to poor people in Nambur & Kantheru on 14th November 2009. We are invite chief guests are attended for this programme. 75 Poor peoples received blankets and cloths worth of Rs. 17, 500/- from the hands of the Chief guests. Our organization president Mr. J. Syam babu and Staff attended for this program.

National Festival Exp : festivalOur organization always trying to foster the Nationalism, discipline and human values like dedicate to work and self esteem. We also believe strongly that we can achieve the above ideals by organizing common celebrations on the occasions of the national festivals by involving the local communities. So we motivate people to walk in footsteps of the leaders and serve the Nation. Organization would like to follow the Gandhian principle in all its activities.

Seminar For Child Labor : seminor for child laborThe organization was conducted meetings at Kantheru and explained the importance of education, eradication of child labor and advised the parents to enroll their dropout children at child labor school and RBC schools.

Old Age Welfare Programme : elshaddai's old age welfareIn order to support the grannies in their old age, we have organized old age welfare program in penumuli. In this program 2 paid cloth, 1 blanket, 20 kgs Rice and Stipend 200/- has distributed to 20 gannies. Social welfare Director, MRO, and MDO are attended as the chief guests for this program.

Women Development Programme : elshaddai's women developmentWe are conduction the training programme for the semi literates growing up girls and young women in Kantheru Village. As there Is a good response and benefited for the women for their better living. As it is we have continued the training programmes and trained 87 women and have successfully completed the training they are earning on their own machine at their houses. In the rural area the training is a growing demand for women they are economically developed and also dignity in the society.

Conclusion : The Elshaddai Gospel Lower Development Ministries has been in the service of the poor and trying to do its best to elevate the society from the social evils and poverty. The Elshaddai Gospel Lower Development Ministries is looking for the support from the government and from the local donors to continue its services to the under privileged and the needy. Our society is committed for the service of the poor.

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