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This is a grassroots initiative with a passion for making a difference in the world we live in. On the whole, given an opportunity to do some good, most people would help out worthy causes if it meant no commitment on their part, had minimal impact into their lives and could be performed whilst sitting in the comfort of their favourite chair or in front of their favourite computer whilst remaining in the comfort of their favourite home!

There are plenty of opportunities out there that benefit a worthy cause, but for one reason or another, people who may have an interest in lending a helping hand just don't know where to look or just don't bother to look in the first place. "An Email Away" was developed in order to inform people of the very simple but effective actions that could be carried out to assist worthy causes

For the record, there is no hidden agenda behind this initiative, itÂ?s done purely from a labour of love to spread some good around the world. It is:

not associated or connected to any religion, government or business organisation
nor is it in collusion or connected with any of the websites or organisations mentioned on this website
and it most certainly is not after your soul or any of your money!
I hope you will see the enormous potential that this initiative can achieve and therefore be inspired to jump on board the "An Email Away" bus. There is much good to be done out there and many smiles to be put on many faces. Please feel free to jump right in and promote those gifts and talents you have to offer.

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semmes, AL 36575
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Are more than one-third of the participants in your organization/programs low income (below 150% of the poverty level)?: 
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