Embrace Tanzania

Organization Description: 

Embrace Tanzania is a newly formed volunteer organisation registered in the UK and Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa. We Operate in the Bububu area just outside of Stone Town, Zanzibar, with additional plans of opening up new volunteer houses in Kizimikazi and Makunduchi towards the south of Zanzibar within the next year.

We are a relatively small volunteer organisation, currently employing ten staff in Zanzibar, all of whom have knowledge and experience of the English language. Each member of staff is eager to meet and greet volunteers from any part of the world, hopefully making them feel they have found ‘that home away from home.’

The current house in Bububu can house 28 volunteers at one. All our projects are based in Bububu and the surrounding area. The majority of our projects are teaching orientated but don’t let that deter you from coming; you can teach in any capacity, you can lead the lesson or simply be an assistant and help the children with their work. If teaching is not for you at all, then there are many other projects in which you can help; sports programs, women’s groups, craft groups, music, IT groups. If you have any particular skills then feel free to drop us the idea and maybe you can start your own program whilst volunteering.

1969 Hurumzi Street
Stone Town, 3518
Mission Statement: 

Is to excel at providing local communities in Zanzibar with sustainable projects that will lead to long term jobs and employment.

This is to be done by using the profit from our volunteer placements and tourist trips directly back into the communities in Zanzibar.

We shall strive to make sure that volunteers are placed in projects that are in need of support and that these projects be given the resources they require to succeed whilst securing that the volunteers have a meaningful impact on the projects.

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