Entrusted Legacy

Organization Description: 

Entrusted Legacy (ETL) is a new nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization which supports the non-traditional education and development of people who work with children and youth, particularly in the out-of-school time arena. Providing training and staff development to these workers results in a domino effect that helps youth to learn and grow as well. We believe that great civilizations are built by great people and that a seed of greatness and unique contribution exists in each person, waiting to be unleashed. ETL is committed to help people transform through a process of metamorphosis supported by education and development.

ETL is the result of over 70 years of experience working with both youth and adults. Working closely with learners provides a wonderful opportunity to observe people transform into capable and competent individuals. In after-school ETL has the opportunity to support the transformation of both youth and staff. This is the process of "becoming". Not growing up to be the lawyer or the doctor, the teacher or the journalist, but "becoming" who you were meant to be because of the unique combination of talents and gifts you were born with. When ETL works with people we realize that each person has the right to become, and ETL has the responsibility to support that process. In this country, the promise of America--the promise of social justice, can only occur when people of good will come together in the intentional support of that end.

ETL is committed to "leveling the playing field" through education and support that encourages the learner to develop personal character and competence, the skills to become a contributing team member, and the strategies to influence a culture of excellence in both personal and professional settings. We believe education, supported by coaching and mentoring, provides a space for one to release his/her infinite capacity.

3013 Windham Hill Court
Bakersfield, CA 93311
Mission Statement: 

ETL's mission is "Transforming youth by preparing, training and developing staff who act as teacher, mentor, and positive role model for these youth.

Entrusted Legacy operates from a core set of values.

We value learning. The ability to transform and change is possible if we embrace opportunities to learn, to add increments of understanding to our view of the world and our understanding. Learning is what sets humans apart.
We value the possibility in people. Growing as a person is like peeling an onion, and layer upon layer, the potential within a person is unleashed and a unique contribution of good is sent into the world.
We value interdependence. Each of us is connected to the other and in the words of John Donne, "No man is an island, entire [in] itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main...." Together, we are infinitely strong and wise.
We value supporting one another. In the knowledge-worker age, the speed of learning is accelerated as information and insight is readily shared. Embracing one another and supporting growth by sharing, creates new platforms and understandings.
We value determination. Change is not easy. Although metamorphosis from a caterpillar into a butterfly is embedded in DNA, the struggle to be released from the cocoon is an essential part of emerging into the universe transformed.

These values provide the foundation for our beliefs

We believe social justice is embedded in social change, and change is rooted in individual education and growth.
We believe in mavens, trusted experts who desire to pass knowledge along to others, and the power that is released in that exchange.
We believe in a pattern of change that personally begins with awareness and begins again with imparting knowledge and support to others.
We believe in first-in-class education, supported by coaching and mentoring, to provide a space for youth to release his/her infinite capacity.

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