Episcopal Service Corps

Organization Description: 

The Episcopal Service Corps is a network of Episcopal service internships across the United States dedicated to forming young leaders.

ESC helps young adults discern the inner "voice" that is calling them to their life's work, and to develop the skills to listen and respond through a life of service.

ESC programs provide opportunities for young adults of various backgrounds to: work for social justice, deepen spiritual awareness and discern vocation, develop leadership skills in the paradigm of servant leadership, live a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Programs vary but all are based in the Episcopal Church.

PO Box 15126
Chicago, IL 60615
Mission Statement: 

Our Vision:
We are faithful, diverse and caring communities of young adults, transforming the world, and ourselves, by striving for justice and peace among all people.

Our Mission:
Member programs of the Episcopal Service Corps BELIEVE ...

+ How you spend your young adult years will profoundly shape the rest of your life

+ Creating diverse and multicultural communities from every "family, language, people and nation" makes peace and reconciliation incarnate

+Working for justice, freedom and peace is an essential part of Christian life

+Service to others changes lives, both of the people serving as well as those being served

+Prayer, reflection and discernment is necessary and valuable work

+The Church will be changed for the good by the lived theology of our interns

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