Organization Description: 

FairMail is a company producing fair trade greeting cards in Peru and India.

The photos on FairMail cards are taken by underpriviliged Indian and Peruvian teenagers. FairMail offers them photography training, part-time work, medical insurance and guidance in making their future plans.

The teenagers get 50 % of the profits of the sale of their own cards to finance their housing and education.

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Amsterdam, 1111 PP
Mission Statement: 

1) to offer oppertunities for a better future to underprivileged teenagers, which they THEMSELVES create; by developing their creativity, self confidence and the making of a plan for their future; and by offering fair job oppertunities so they can earn the money necessary to realize their own plans for their future.
2) to raise awareness about fair trade, about using local beauty to create local incomes and about seeing life through the eyes of teenagers.
3) to bring a beautiful and new product on the market.The FairMail card is a 100% Peruvian and Indian product that creates an income for Indian and Peruvian underprivileged teenagers, print shops, transport companies and other local providers. The message we send with FairMail is: let the country that provides us with beautiful images benefit from the incomes created! This is a new approach because in the current supply of cards with ¨Third World¨ images all photos are made by western professionals and the cards are printed (mostly) in the USA and Europe.

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