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Organization Description: 

Faith Children's Choir and Orphanage Centre (FCCOC) is a registered Christian, community based, non profit Organisation without political affiliation. James: 1:27 States: The only true religion acceptable to God; this is to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and life trouble.
FCCOC is providing education and basic need to children in several Africa Nations. The Children are HIV/AIDS orphans, or are homeless due to war or abandonment, are children of prostitute. FCCOC is providing educational, spiritual and basic needs for orphaned, HIV/AIDS infected children. There are many things these children need including; school fees, food, clothing, medical care, bedding and accommodation.
Over the last 20 years Uganda and surrounding countries, such as Rwanda and Sudan, have gone through a period of political and social turmoil. All aspects of the economy and social structure have been disrupted. In Uganda, nearly 2.5 million adults are infected with the HIV/AIDS. Reported HIV/AIDS cases in girls aged 3 to 15 out numbered cases among boys six fold. HIV/AIDS is the most serious health problem facing Africa, with cases doubling every 12 months
In terms of access to basic education, the net enrollment rate in Uganda is about 89% while only 25% complete the primary cycle. About 30% of the total population is illiterate and 38% are displaced due conflict, broken homes and unemployment etc. The literacy rate is about 35% among girls and 65% among boys. Since many people are relatively uneducated they do not value education and as a result their children remain uneducated

The Ideal society we want to leave in is that where there is justice, peace life prosperity and joy. However, we can hardly realize all these where there is grave intolerance, hatred, spite, callousness, disputes, injustice and all sorts of corruption in our society of these vices is not something easy and it. Certainly requires God's intervention. But where we believe that God can and have always used people to change and influence other people, we can hardly afford to sit back and watch vices propagating and spreading or afford to be proponents or ambassador of evil. We are all endowed with the ability to contribute to making this world a better place for God's people and other creations to live in.

God fearing people should respect, tolerate and care about the well being of all people; especially the disadvantaged like orphans, destitute and homeless children because they were all created by God and only need our help and motivation to achieve what they are capable of achieving. It is against this background that the ideal of forming Faith Foundation Family (Triple 'F' ) was born

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P.O. Box 37716 Kampala Uganda
Mission Statement: 

Providing educational, spiritual and basic needs for orphaned, HIV/AIDS infected children and children needs including; school fees, food, clothing, medical care, bedding and accommodation.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the spiritual unity of all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ

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