Faith Tabernacle's Singles Ministery

Organization Description: 

Faith Tabernacle's Singles Ministery is looking for people to serve on our Strategic Planning Committee, which would be responsible for the following:
Discuss and brainstorm the most efficient and effective way to execute the choices and discussions of the Singles Ministry members. Come up with goals/plan to present to team in efforts of bringing our choices to life: What?s needed, etc. During a meeting with the entire Singles Ministry, each member will decide which tasks they are capable of performing.
Behind the scenes work. Administrative work: creating flyers, brochures, advertising, etc.
Contacting and informing members and non-members: Informing people we have not seen of upcoming events, etc., brainstorm ideas, be creative.

Organizational Email:
2619 S. Anthony Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Mission Statement: 

Provide services and help to singles, elderly, children, and teens.

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