Fallen Walls

Organization Description: 

Project objectives
1. To have an evangelistic centered program that serves the city and is there for its well-being.
2. A network designed to empower missionaries to reach urban communities.
3. To Strengthen and bring dignity back to the homeless community in every way we can.
4. To have events, outreaches and short-term city mission trips to create unity among the Christian community.
5. To take the Gospel message of reconciliation to the heart of the city first.

Vision Statement
It’s our hope that in interacting with this mindset in the city, our cities communities, and the world will be changed and impacted by this barrier-breaking truth. This will create a better atmosphere, bringing about change in the way people think, work, and live.
Statement of the Problem
Memphis – one of the most violent cities in the United States of America. The city is recognized for entertainment, and people come to the downtown area to fulfill pleasures and desires at hotels, restaurants, bars, and sports arenas as well as events such as boxing, concerts, and music festivals. These events bring more and more people to the city every year. While they are financially and culturally good for the city of Memphis, they unfortunately bring with them violence, gambling, and drugs. Additionally, many churches in Memphis have constructed unloving and unbiblical doctrinal walls, which stop them from coming together to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Our Solution
“And you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and Samara, and even to the remotest parts of earth.” (Acts 1:8) Downtown Memphis is filled with people who need to know they have an option for eternity. Jesus commands us to tell of his love and what he has done for us. The purpose of Fallen Walls is to proclaim the Kingdom of God in the downtown area. We will provide spiritual and physical support to the poor and to those who have not yet experienced the love of Christ. Fallen Walls is also concerned with connecting individual congregations as one Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Through these actions, the downtown area will dramatically change by the power of God.

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Downtown AREA
Memphis, TN 38103
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