Family Force

Organization Description: 

Family Force helps Ugandans through counselling, training programs and support groups; to build strong relationships within the family and establish resilient foundations in the community which will provide greater opportunities for a better future.

Main Street
Iganga, 00000
Mission Statement: 

To empower families to encounter and change the trend of moral decay that is responsible for the current evils in society through socio-economic and spiritual support

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Family Force Values:
Family Force values are based and motivated by the Christian faith of it’s founders, trustees, executive directors, and all staff members. They mirror Christian values of care, compassion, mercy, truth, justice and honesty.
Our values encompass the following:
Family Force encourages lucidity and zero tolerance to corruption and all immoral acts in all our practices and endeavours to be a leader in all that is pure, honest and just.

All members of society have a right to equal opportunities. At Family Force, our door is open to people from all walks of life. We undertake to help meet the mental and emotional needs of those from all diverse communities in Uganda.
Families facing uncertainty need to feel that they can rely on someone, at FF we make it practice to be available for our clients at all times through our extended office hours or 24 hour emergency hotline.
Clients can be confident that, all Family Force staff members, respect their privacy and keep all information pertaining to them as confidential.

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