FAN (Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso)

Organization Description: 

FAN stands for Fihankra Akoma Ntoaso. In the Akan culture of West Africa, the Fihankra is a communal housing compound which symbolizes a "safe enclosure" or "safe house." Akoma Ntoaso means "linked hearts," and is a symbol of understanding and agreement. Many young people do not have access to such safe environments, which are critical to their development.

FAN offers a daily after school and summer youth development program to teens in foster care that incorporates academic support, extracurricular instruction, community service, leadership development, and college and career preparation. FAN has been "home" and "family" for the young people that we serve for the last five years, for many offering the most consistent home and family that they have known.

2300 MLK Jr. Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20020
Mission Statement: 

FAN's mission is to cultivate a focus on the well-being and positive development of youth in an environment infused with safety, security, and love.

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