FesteCapital Foundation/Malachi Foundation

Primary Contact: 
Dr. Joe Feste
8226 Bee Caves Road
Austin, TX 78746
Areas of Interest: 
Areas of Interest Description: 

This organization is interested in individual Christian ministries and organizations that are focused on providing services for the homeless, elderly and incarcerated.

Geographic Focus: 
Total Annual Giving: 


Average Grant Range: 

$1,000 - $5,000

Average Number of Requests & Grants Per Year: 


Application Procedures: 

The FesteCaptial Foundation requires that applicants provide the following information:

  1. The amount requested and how the funds should be payed (either in a lump sum, monthy, etc)
  2. The period of time for which funding is requested
  3. A detailed description of the applicant's ministry and programs
  4. A complete description of the applicant's relevant background, training and education
  5. At least three personal references
  6. The applicant's proposal for funding and how the funds will be used



Funding Limitations Description: 

The maximum amount available to any single applicant is $3,500/month and to any organization or ministry $10,000/month.

Selected Grants: 

Capitol School of Austin - $10,000

Force Ministries - $1,000


City/Metropolitan Area: 
Annual Giving: