Organization Description: 

The FJKM has been created in 1978 through the fusion of churches created by three missionaries organizations who spread the Gospel in Madagascar in 19th century: the London Mission Society, Friends' Foreign Mission Association and The Society of Evangelical Missions of Paris. it is a part of the World Reformed Church and of the Association of Protestant Churches of Madagascar.

Toliara I, 601
Mission Statement: 

To spread the Jesus Christ' s Gospel in Madagascar for people to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Saviour. To be actively part of the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ. To witness Jesus Christ as a light for the society.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The FJKM believes and accepts: the Holy Trinity as the only God. God who created the entire world is the only God. Jesus Christ is the son of God and is God made flesh to save the world. The Holy Spirit is God. The Holy Scripture as it is shown in the Bible and according to the explanation guided by the Holy Spirit is the source and rules of the Church Faith and life

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