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About Us

Footprint Community Development and Voluntarism (FCDV), is a non-profit organization in Kenya with head offices in Nairobi, working with communities and partners to fight poverty and improving peoples’ lives by developing and managing health promotion services, environmental management, community development, voluntarism, capacity building and research projects in communities. The organization uses a holistic approach to tackling human challenges in the areas of health, environment, economics and community development by partnering and collaborating with other Non Governmental Organizations, Government agencies and other stakeholders.

Behind our commitment to initiating community development projects and volunteer work, we have a philosophy that provides the focus for our organization. This philosophy consists of a vision, a mission by which we can achieve that vision, and a set of core values that define how we approach everything we do: Vision

Have communities that live in a sustainable environment with improved health, social and economic standards. Mission

To empower communities to participate actively in the areas of health, environment and social initiatives through volunteerism, research, capacity building, collaboration, networking and information dissemination. Our Values

Shared Humanity When people of different cultures and background have an opportunity to connect, there comes an understanding of our shared humanity. Respect We accept, appreciate and respect that people know and understand what is appropriate for their own communities and they can effect a positive change. Integrity We commit to ensuring the safety, dialogue, flexibility, professionalism, transparency and excellence of our programs. Dedication We are dedicated to helping communities we work with to adopt ethical and responsible practices aimed at delivering sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Our Objectives

Footprint Community Development and Voluntarism (FCDV) was created to promote sustainable development through voluntarism, networking, information dissemination, and collaborate and conduct research and support the implementation of projects that would help in the integration of environmental conservation, socio-economic and community development projects through the following:

Offer support to local community based projects through outsourcing and subsequent placement of international volunteer personnel in order to improve the life of our people and hence contributing to the development of our country. We appreciate the diverse talent and skills each individual is endowed with and we want those who can offer such service as volunteers to be well guided and advised. Undertake research on issues both current and emerging on sustainable environment, health promotion and community development. Develop and network with other organizations with similar objectives in the area of environment, education, and health and community development. Develop and maintain the information resource facility to support research, training, consultancy and extension services on environment, health and community development. To facilitate a forum for dialogue on the issues of environmental management, health promotion and community development through collaboration and networking with research institutions, academic institutions and all other stakeholders. To seek, enhance and develop appropriate technologies that would alleviate poverty, food insecurity, energy conservation, climate change, human health and community development. Propagate and ensure gender equity in environmental conservation, health and community development initiatives through community participatory planning and management. Dissemination and knowledge exchange through publication of research findings in journals and newsletters, training manuals for creation of awareness on better health, environmental management and community development. Creating health, community development and environmental awareness to the communities Educating the public on issues touching on health, environment, and community development.

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To empower communities to participate actively in the areas of health, environment and social initiatives through volunteerism, research, capacity building, collaboration, networking and information dissemination

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