FOTOCAM Social Network for Community Development

Organization Description: 

FOTOCAM a Human Rights Center for Education and Research for Development is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) created in Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon, with a registration number: sw/gp/29/08/6567 in the year 2006 and is governed by the provision of law number 92/006 of August 1992 with decree of implementation number 92/455/pm of November 1992 with head quarter in Limbe. It all started by a group of volunteers which comprises of university student with different educational backgrounds, human right activists and researchers who came together to fight poverty, underdevelopment and unemployment through active advocacy amongst different sub-populations in Cameroon. Our editorial policy is designed to spread information on diverse issues among which is environmental protection and forest management, agricultural food security, community health and education on human rights and freedom.
The name FOTOCAM means Friends of the Orphans Cameroon given to the fact that FOTOCAM-H has a vision to reach out and meet the social needs of the orphans and the underprivileged including basic education, life skills, health care, shelter and education on human rights and freedom. One of FOTOCAM-H objectives is to create a pro-active awareness among the various gender/social strata, the civil society, and other humanitarian organizations in Cameroon to promote the millennium development goal†’†¢€™¢€š¢¢‚¬…¡?s (MDG) good governance and active participation of youths and women in a growing economy.

Mission Statement: 

To network with other organization that together we can build a sustainable environment for Orphans and street children in Cameroon for their sustainable development.
-Is to establish schools, Clinics, skills centers, shelter Homes and also to look for foster parent of good will who can foster our children for the protection of the Right of a child.
-What motivate us is the love of Jesus Christ to mankind that same love that courses Him to die on the cross for us all, is what moves us to do his will as He mention in Matt: 25: 35 - 40 & James 1:27.
And to bring change in by putting our time money knowledge and resources together to see that peace and justice reign and respect for humankind is establish for the glory of God and blessing to humanity.

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