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We are an organization that trains and coaches other organization in strategy plans, bookkeeping, and basicly everything new young organizations need to make them succesfuland work professionally.

We want to serve people holisticly and build up in all organizations a Christian servant leadership.
By servant leadership we mean that leaders are concerned for the development and grow of their own staff and the community

“Foundation” wants to see new organisations becoming successful in their community. For this reason we have developed a complete training and coaching program for new organisations or for already existing organizations that want to re-think their planning and strategy. All training programs will be tailored according to the need of the applicant. We believe that only a holistic approach and long term coaching makes an organisation sustainable and can build a good foundation.

Our working method is to give organisations a strong foundation. This means that we train staff, management and board members in the steps of writing a complete strategy plan. We help them in developing a vision, mission and values for their organization or re-inforce them. If necessary we help them to conduct a needs assessment. We help them in defining the needs and priorities and in setting out the direction and goals for a new project or re-focus on the work already going on. We help them in implementing these training sessions by coaching them in the workplace every week.

“Foundation” provides training on:

1. Long term strategy planning

2. Needs assessment skills

3. Proposal writing

4. Report writing

5. Translation of reports and newsletters

6. Bookkeeping

7. Web designing

8. Teacher training

9. Coaching in leadership style's

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Lahore, 54700
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