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If you have a few extra things or used items you no longer need: children clothes, shoes, bedding's, school supplies, musical instruments, computer equipment, games and sports equipment, vehicles, Christian literature, ICT Training resources, anything, please consider donating them to Community Foundation for changing Life Anything that you can give, however small, it will help bring hope and dignity to a needy child and People Living With HIV/ AIDS in Uganda.

To simplify it for those who would like to help collect gift items for the children, we have a list of things that could be collected by an individual, family, group, church, or organization and mailed to (CFCL) Mailing Address: P.O. Box 28454 Kampala-Uganda. All in-kind gifts mailed should be marked ‚‚‚‚"Donations for humanitarian Aid.‚‚‚‚" The list below is not exhaustive but only acts as a guide for those who would like to help. Please feel free to add to the list with whatever else you may have that could be useful.

List of items that could be donated:

School Supplies: School bags, children reading books, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, erasers, glue, writing paper, coloring paper, exercise books, children Bibles, story books, computer books, CD-ROM's, children school chairs, flash-cards, ABC distributing (Arts & Crafts), etc.


Warm weather clothing of all kinds and sizes for children ranging from 2-17 years: school uniforms, shoes, skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, leather shoes, sports shoes, socks and stockings, t-shirts, towels, curtains, etc, and for widows as well.


Light blankets, twin bed sheets, pillowcases, towels, soap, lotions, ointments, tooth brush and tooth paste, etc.

Games & Sports Equipment:

Soccer balls, volley balls, basket balls, table tennis, net balls, sports shoes, outdoor sports wear, badminton, balloons, First AID Kits, etc.

Office Supplies:

Computer Paper (A4 size white and/or colored), card papers, files, envelops of all sizes, Paper Punk, Guillotines, Binders, empty CD's, flash discs, diskettes, bookshelves, office desks, chairs, filling cabinets, computer software, color printers, Laser Jet Printer cartridges, etc.

Computer Equipment:

PowerPoint projector, used computers (Pentium III & IV systems), laptops, diesel generators, overhead projectors, CD duplicators, used cell phones (card phones ‚‚‚‚–should be network free to use GSM or compatible frequencies, etc).

Musical Instruments:

Acoustic/electric and bass guitars, piano keyboards, sound boards, amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, loudspeakers, trumpets, saxophones, violin, acoustic/electric drum set, (Band Equipment), etc.

Christian Literature:

Bibles, children are Bibles, story books, coloring books, children club Materials, E.g. BCIM materials (Bible Club Movement International), Christian Music CD's, Video tapes and VCDs, DVDs children Christmas gift boxes, childcare and children ministry training materials, etc.


Financial donations can be made by Check or wire transfer to help pay for cost of shipping donated goods. Email for more details.

All in-kind donations should be marked ‚‚‚‚"Donation for Humanitarian aid‚‚‚‚" and mailed to our mailing address: P. O. Box 28454, Kampala Uganda, to the attention of Mr.Byakatonda Cosmas, Director, of Community foundation for changing life.

All direct donations should be mailed to our mailing address:

Community Foundation for Changing Life

P.O. Box 28454

KAMPALA - Uganda

Attn: Byakatonda cosmas

Tel: +256 756 162 239

P.O . BOX 58454
Kampala, 256
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