Foundation Of Hope Kenya

Organization Description: 

Foundation of Hope Kenya is a Christian humanitarian not-for-profit organization, founded and registered in April 2010, dedicated to working with children, families, communities, the youth, changing the world by releasing children, windowed, Aged and homeless from poverty and sheltering the Elderly and the Orphaned.

Foundation of Hope Kenya was started by individuals with a willing and caring heart to help the less fortunate. With worldwide joining hands, we can deliver a Village, A community, An Aged, A needy child, a youth, a window, from extreme poverty.

We plan to construct a shelter for the Aged who are totally neglected in Kenya where we will be able to feed them, cloth them and pay hospital bills for them. The Aged and especially single grannies are fully neglected in Kenya and they stay a miserable life. Caring for them will make them feel loved and cared for, and in return we receive everlasting blessings.

As we try to connect worldwide well-wishers with these communities in need, we are open to partner with any Organization worldwide willing to give a helping hand and make life for poor communities in Kenya successful.
KARIBU! (Welcome)

We also offer missionary transport in Kenya at afordable prices tax free.

Nairobi, GA 27492-00100
Mission Statement: 

To give hope to the hopeless. To connect well-wishers with communities in need.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We belief in only one God the Father Almighty!

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