Fountain of Water Ministry

Organization Description: 

The fountain of Water Ministry is a Ministry that was established in 2013 in response to spiritual demand within Bungoma County of Western Region of Kenya and beyond. At its AGM, the ministry resolved to establish some more branches.

The ministry was purposely established to preach the Gospel of Christ and carry out church planting activities in most neglected and ignored remote areas of Kenya. The other vital purpose of establishing the ministry was to provide spiritual and counseling services to men,women,youth,orphans and other vulnerable children drawn from the lost world of all walks of life so that they can live a normal life and be accessible to all their rights in the community. On top of this to empower them with both knowledge and finances for eventual self sustainable lives.

The fountain of water ministry Bungoma operates under the registration file number 4407/2015/129HK with the ministry of labor,social security and services. Kenya under Fountain of Water CBO since the establishment of the ministry,at least something has been done. The ministry had initially 5 believers only, but as for now the ministry has a total of 160 adult members, 109 youths and 170 children bringing to 439 members from all the ministry branch churches. The ministry is still meeting rental costs for its worship services. The ministry is intending to purchase pieces of land and construct church buildings once the funds will be available. In order to facilitate the ministry activities the committees have been formed which include:

(a) Executive committee.

(b) General committee which comprises of all members of the executive committee.

(c) Women committee headed by a women leader.

(d) Youth committee with a youth leader as its chairperson.

The overall administrative powers of the ministry are invested in the executive committee which is headed by the ministry head. The committee comprises of the financial control team Development team and public relations team.

Box 2439
Bungoma, 50200
Mission Statement: 

To glorify God by promoting the Love of God in community by reaching out to the lost world.''Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To create a healthy and just society that minds the whole generation of God with the word of truth as its fountain of water.

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