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humanitarian missions / volunteer / internship abroad / partner and sponsors. Given the number of orphans and destitute children children who roam the streets, the town of our country Togo, FOVA-Togo Association, not being able to help all the children of Togo decided to help children of a city and surrounding villages of this town in Togo is "Aflao Lankuvi" ... Since the establishment of our association, we help to needy children and the father or mother of orphans and often the two ... It's very sad to see these children who do not have parents and wander in this life without hope of life.

Our FOVA-Togo Association since aims to help these children, placing them in host families. But for the number of orphans is increasing we decided at an executive board meeting to create a ORPHANAGE for his children and take better care of them in their various needs. Go on a humanitarian mission to his children near our orphanage to give them your love and affection ... Website: Email: Together for a better world ...

adidogomé awatamé
lomé, TN BP:4825
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foods, cloches, shoes, medicin, in all domain

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25 march 2008

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