Freedom And Fashion

Organization Description: 

The Freedom and Fashion Mentorship Program exists to empower and transform those it serves, taking each student from a place of discouragement and brokenness to a reality of power and inspiration. Above learning the marketable skills of fashion design and beauty artistry, our youth are provided with a new way to look at themselves, their pasts, and their future. By infusing these practical lessons with important conversations about self image, leadership, the power of choice, etc, and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, it has been proven that students break through unhealthy cycles, heal from past traumas, and experience freedom. After each program we come together in celebration and support them in their overcoming and completion of the program by hosting fashion shows that debut the mentees collection, which simultaneously serves as an awareness platform.

Elite professionals in the fashion and beauty industry provide healthy mentorship and teach marketable skills such as design, pattern drafting, and creative direction. Learning job-related techniques of these industries validates résumés, provides access to job opportunities, and ensures financial security. Above all this, students are provided with a new realityself-care, respect, and intrinsic value.

147 N Holliston Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104
Mission Statement: 

Humanity was created for freedom. Using the arts of fashion and beauty, we create empowering programs that mentor, love, and bring freedom to at-risk youth and survivors of the sex trade.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

At the core of FnFs values is Gods love. We believe in the call to action to love the poor, the needy, and helpless, as exemplified in His word. At our events, we want to create an atmosphere that empowers guests to act, not out of hatred, but out of an understanding that power in the wrong hands can produce injustice. We want all attendees to become educated about their own purchasing power and how it can be used to make a statement beyond just fashion.

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