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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Freedom Spot?

Freedom Spot (FS) is an independent, non-commercial, online-publishing blog and database dedicated to democracy and human rights in Georgia.

When was Freedom Spot created?

FS was created on 26th February 2009.

Who runs Freedom Spot?

A team of FS volunteers moderate and contribute to the website.

How can I become a Freedom Spot Volunteer?

Go to Volunteering where you will find more information on how to become a FS Volunteer.

Who funds Freedom Spot?

FS is a financially independent project supported exclusively by volunteer contributions.

Why “human rights”?

We believe that human rights are universal values which need to be protected in every corner of the world. In Georgia, in particular, social injustice and human rights violations are sadly an integral part of everyday life. As active citizens of Georgia and concerned volunteers, we believe that one of the most valuable ways to prevent human rights abuses and to support an open, civil society is to protect and promote diversity of information.

How can I get more information about Freedom Spot?

If you have any further questions about FS, please contact us at the following address:

00995 99 28 85 22
Organizational Email:
Tskaltubo Street II/52
Tbilisi, 0119
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